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Famous Doctor Reveals Large-Scale Ivermectin CENSORSHIP

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Dr. Joseph Varon



Every time I use the word ivermectin, I go to Facebook jail.” – Dr. Joseph Varon, practicing doctor, author of 10 medical textbooks

In this surprising and revealing video, Ivory Hecker, a whistleblower journalist who revealed the suppression of coverage of alternative COVID treatments on her own FOX affiliate station, interviews Dr. Joseph Varon, a famous doctor who takes the lid off the censorship of ivermectin.

Don’t believe that there is censorship aimed at early treatments such as ivermectin? Consider the strange case of Dr. Varon, Chief of Critical Care at Houston’s United Memorial Medical Center. 

The press treated him as a tireless hero, nicknaming him “the COVID Hunter” and taking note of the hundreds of days he worked non-stop to help save patients. He appeared on TV in the United States on such outlets at Rachel Maddow’s program on MSNBC and ABC News as well as internationally.  In fact, by his count, he has been interviewed by reporters more than 1,600 times. 

And yet, despite all this coverage, the media almost always failed to mention to their viewers and readers that a far greater percentage of Varon’s patients were recovering than the average for other doctors and hospitals.  For example, as detailed in this recent interview with Dr. Varon by journalist Ivory Hecker, from March 20 to May 21 of this year, only 86 of Varon’s 1,293 hospitalized COVID patients have died.  This represents a death rate of 6.7%, which is only about one-third of the national and international mortality rates for hospitalized COVID patients that range around 20-21%.

So one might think that the media would ask this doctor that they have interviewed more than 1,600 times, whom they obviously respect, what he was doing that was saving lives.  How is it that his care, judging by mortality numbers, is around 66% better than the average care people are getting around the country and the world?

Varon, who by the way has authored more than 830 peer-reviewed medical journal articles, 15 dozen book chapters and 10 full medical textbooks, says “We have been very lucky in that we have implemented a serious of treatment methods that have a very good success rate.”  But did the press want to know how it worked?  “Everybody (in the press) has come in and they saw how it worked, but nobody wanted to get into it.”

“By now, you know, now I have a lot of news people that are my friends. So a lot of them do tell me that when they talk to their producers or whatever, they say ‘Let’s not get into that one,’” Varon says.

Varon and several other doctors around the world developed several protocols for different types of patients to prevent and treat COVID.  The most famous of these protocols, called the MATH+ protocol, involves the use of vitamins, a blood thinner, a steroid, and perhaps most importantly, ivermectin. 

“We actually showed that the combination of the MATH+ (protocol) including the ivermectin was having fantastic success with our patients,” Varon says.  “It’s an agent that has been around for 40 years.  It’s an antiparasite (drug) however it has very potent antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.  And it actually has been shown to improve the outcome of patients with COVID, as well as prevention of COVID.  I’m sure you are familiar with the newest data from India and from Mexico, where actually in those states where they have given ivermectin prophylactically, there are much less … COVID cases.”

There is no reason for people to die.  I mean … we have options for patients now.  We just need to make those options available,” says Dr. Varon.

Given his team’s tremendous success in fighting COVID, Varon was asked by Ivory Hecker how many journalists were interested in these treatment options he and his team were using.  He answered, “Noone.  Right now everybody’s interested in vaccination.”

“So tell me about what happened with your peer-reviewed research when you put in on Facebook,” asked Hecker.

“I was put on Facebook jail, Every time I use the word ivermectin, I go to Facebook jail,” said Maron. 

Hecker asked about how curious reporters have been about ivermectin.

“Have you been in an interview with one of these outlets and mentioned ivermectin of your own will, or do you let them ask about it?

“No I, I mentioned it. Oh yeah. Oh yes.   but then when you, when the report comes out, ivermectin is not mentioned.  You know how you guys edit things?  I mean who cares about ivermectin?”

“But peer-reviewed research shows it’s saving lives,” Hecker responded.

“Correct,” said Varon.

“So if this word got out, would more lives be saved?”

“Absolutely.  Without question about it. But you know, how can you get the word out?  If I have not been able to do it in 1600 plus interviews…”

And then Ivory Hecker probed a little deeper.

“If a reporter told you they were banned from covering those sort of COVID drug treatments…” Hecker said, her voice trailing off.

“I was told that not once, multiple times,” replied Varon.

“Really?” asked Hecker.

“Multiple times,” confirmed Varon.

“I truly believe that what we’re dealing here is with economical interests,” said Varon.

“Throughout the world, ivermectin is anywhere between three and ten dollars,” he says, while remdesivir, he says,  costs from $2,000-6,000.

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