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Ivermectin Resources to Learn More!

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There are many excellent internet resources to help you get started on your journey learning about ivermectin.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media and social media are determined to squash any positive mentions of this drug in relation to COVID, so you have to know where to look to find the good quality information.

Here are some favorite links to fight the disinformation and get educated:

COVID19CriticalCare.com:  This is the website of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.  They have a TON of excellent resources on their site, including valuable protocols for prophylactic use (to prevent getting COVID in the first place) as well as treatment options for existing patients that use ivermectin along with many other medicines that support healing.  Their protocols have been tremendously successful in saving lives.  They also have information on how to obtain ivermectin.

C19Ivermectin.com:  This website lists all the known studies on the use of COVID-19 (which as of this writing is more than 60) and has links to all the studies.  They track the overall rate of success these studies have had.  Excellent resource for the real academic proof so many of us are seeking

Bird-group.org: Based in Britain, this organization is one of the foremost dedicated to showing that ivermectin is indeed safe and effective to fight COVID.  They have performed excellent medical research to show its efficacy and safety and have a treasure trove of resources available on their site. 

TrialSiteNews.com: This website is a website dedicated to studying drug trials of all sorts.  However, in the early stages of COVID, they were one of a very small number of news organizations that focused intensely on the debate over ivermectin as well as other early treatment options such as hydroxychloroquine.  They have been one of the top information sources for those of us who are really trying to track the real truth about the efficacy of these treatments.

ChildrensHealthDefense.org:  This is a non-profit organization headed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that is on a crusade to fight for children’s health.  They have long been extremely skeptical of vaccines and they regularly publish important news articles that shine an important light on ivermectin as well as many aspects of vaccine safety.


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